Can I get a SENIOR DISCOUNT on my HOA Dues?

Can I get a SENIOR DISCOUNT on my HOA Dues?

Below is a helpful tip from the Newsletter by ADAMS | STIRLING PLC regarding requests for senior discounts on HOA dues.

QUESTION. A member recently asked our board if they would consider reducing the annual dues for seniors (over age 65). Can an HOA board offer a senior discount? –Lisa.

ANSWER. Unfortunately, not. No discounted assessments can be given to seniors, board members, or anyone else.

Assessment allocations are established by an association’s CC&Rs and recorded against owner’ units/lots. Most often, the assessments fall into one of three formats: uniform, variable, or blended (see Assessment Allocation).

Because they are equitable servitudes, which boards are obligated to enforce, failure by a board to enforce them means any member of the association can sue the association to compel enforcement. Members who are not senior citizens will likely not want to subsidize the assessments of their neighbors. That means any discount given to seniors will likely be challenged in court.

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