HOA Property Management
Carol E.Oakmeadows HOA Board Member

I would like to give a big shout out on behalf of Paul Ricardo, for all the prompt effort and task he is handling for us. I know transitioning from one property management company to another can be tricky but I feel that we are in good hands with Paul.  He has taken charge and has good follow through.  Thank you for assigning Paul to our building.

The Rezai FamilyHOA Property Owner

Please kindly recognize Ivan Samara from your accounting department. Ivan shares hard work, kindness, and professionalism. Thank You Ivan for helping me out with our family properties.

Mary G.HOA Board Member

I'm so happy to have CAC on board, and want to thank you for coming to the meeting last night and a) insisting that the agenda be shorter, and b) keeping us on track. I feel we're in good hands now and I couldn't be more pleased.

Wayne G.HOA Board Member

I just wanted to bring to your attention, what a fantastic representative of your company, Dominique Roberts is. As a resident of a property in Westwood, Dominique has been so very helpful to not only me, but other residents. As a former Board Member, and a current Board Member at another HOA, I would direct any association to consider your services.

Richard L.

Thank you Dominique, and thank you for all the terrific help you’ve given me—usually on short notice—so I could try to understand what was going on in our HOA’s financials.  It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with you.

Jonathan S.HOA Board

CAC Team,

While you have all only ‘officially’ been on board with us since Saturday, you have been diligently working behind the scenes during transition. Normally that’s not an easy task to begin with and you have been further hampered by an unresponsive AMS.

The board and I just wanted to take a quick opportunity to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone! If I missed someone on this email who is also deserving, please forward to them.

In the time since we have chosen you, your responses and diligence have been fantastic, When the board and I met for our budget meeting, we all commented on not only how great you have all been, but how before you were even official – you have done more than all of our other management companies put together.

We look forward to working with you as we move forward!


During this week, when so many are talking about being grateful, let me express to Jeff and Barbara how grateful QMS is to both of you and CAC in general. It's amazing how well you take care of so many various matters, and keep on top of lots of issues. Much appreciated. THANKS.

Marquétte N., Real Estate AgentBlueprint Realty Group...creating detailed plans for sellers & buyers

On behalf of Blueprint Realty Group, in support of our client Karla J. Smith, please accept this email as my sincere thanks for making an exception on documents needed for the sale of 324 E. Plymouth St., #6, Inglewood!  I am very grateful for your flexibility.  Moreover, thank you for taking the time out, earlier today, to address my inquiries.  Your professionalism is much appreciated and your level of service was beyond superior.  I wish more real estate servicers performed at your level.

Bonita T.HOA President

It is a wonderful experience to be on the HOA Board of Directors when you have knowledgeable property management support team that CAC provides. We have been very fortunate to have always been assign property management agents like Diciembre that works closely with the Board to help us manage and resolve the various issues that arise in a large HOA community like ours.

I'm looking forward to us moving with our website to increase the communication within our complex, which should make living in a HOA community more enjoyable.

Dan B.Former Boad of Director Member

I would like to thank you for your help in keeping last night's Board meeting on track. Your diplomatic and at same time pragmatic suggestions cut right through the Gordian knots that the Board was facing. Your experience knowledge and common sense showed that you are an asset to your company, as well as your clients.

ToniBoard of Director Member

Thank you for your help with our Annual Meeting, last night. Your knowledge about associations, in general and about our own, in particular, helps to make our meetings move productive and less contentious.

AshenBoard of Director Member

I told members of your staff you're like a walking encyclopedia of HOA knowledge, and the prior Board made the best decision to obtain CAC to manage the HOA.

Barbara and staff of CAC, not forgetting Bella - thank you so much for providing an amazing quality of care for our HAO, and as I've always said you guys are the best!!!

Amazing service, and with a smile too. You guys at CAC are too good.

Geri B.Former Board Treasurer

Thank you for all that you and our team of expert do for our HOA.

Carole M.HOA Board of Director President

Denise, you are wonderful, thank you for this excellent and professional response to Unit #3. I can't tell you folks enough how much Ken and I appreciate all of you at CAC.

Mary F.HOA Board of Director President

Barbara, we need more agents to have such passion and expertise with their clients. Management is not easy when you have to deal with delinquency units. However, I know that I am going to get the best leadership with your company and of course when you have agents who give you the truth and not sugar coat the daily questions.

I would like to commend Diciembre for her Excellent leadership skills in managing our HOA.  She is very knowledgeable and knows her stuff.  Working with her is very pleasurable.  She is VERY dependable and keeps her word in following through with resolving issues and bringing a solution. Thanks you again for hiring Diciembre.


I just wanted to tell management what a pleasure it is to deal with Sharon. She is professional, listens and takes the time and understands that as customers our needs and questions are important. Hearing her at the other end of the phone is always a pleasure and reassuring.

Baron F.HOA Board of Director Member

I find the value of CAC's services to be invaluable.

Fred D.Former HOA Board President

I'll miss the people at CA who've made my job ot only easy but enjoyable. Based on my prior contacts, I had never imagined such a gratifying experience with a property management firm. So I guess, live and learn!

CAC is the only property management firm I've worked with that deserves praise.

Betty-Ann S.Board of Director Treasurer

I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how impressed I am with your staff; this week Kleidy in particular. I know the staff takes their cue from you and they really hear what you say.

Kleidy was more than helpful with regard to our Comprehensive Insurance Policy and we even got to save some money. Kudos to her and you.

Terry C.Board President

Just a short note to again commend you and your staff for the excellent management of our HOA. Thank you and keep up the excellent work!

I appreciate Phil's assistance and knowledge, working with a major project at one of our buildings.

He has been up front with his knowledge of some of the things that are being done at the building, talking with the various plumbers and others involved with the project.

I simply don't know what I would have done without his help!


My wife and I would like to express our gratitude for the remarkable, comprehension, courtesy and helpfulness we have always encountered at the C.A.C. and especially the efforts and precious help that Brenda Quinney has continuously shown.