Fundraising in the Common Areas

Fundraising in the
Common Areas

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Allowed Fundraising in the Common Areas

QUESTION: As we enter another election cycle, do you think the new law allowing politicians to use the common areas permits a candidate for public office to raise funds using our common areas?

ANSWER: It’s a good question with no clear answer. SB 407 went into effect January 1 this year and no one knows yet the reach of the statute. It states that members or residents can invite “public officials, candidates for public office, or representatives of homeowner organizations to meet with members, residents, and their invitees or guests and speak on matters of public interest.” (Civ. Code §4515(b)(2).)

Fundraising Free Speech? A recent US Supreme Court decision (McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission) held that donating to a political campaign is an exercise of free speech. Does that make fundraising a matter of public interest? Maybe. Clearly, a court will have final say (unless the legislature clarifies it by amending the statute).

Political Parties. In addition to the Republican and Democratic parties, there is a long list of other parties who could use your common areas to campaign. Following are some:

America First Party (paleoconservatism)
American Indep. Party (strict constitutionalism)
America’s Party (Christian conservatism)
American Delta Party (social progressivism)
American Freedom Party (white nationalism)
American Populist Party (libertarianism)
American Solidarity Party (Christian democracy)
Black Riders Liberation Party (black nationalism)
Christian Liberty Party (dominionism)
Citizens Party of the U.S. (centrism)
Communist Party (communism)
Workers Party of America (communism)
Constitution Party (fiscal conservatism)
Freedom Socialist Party Trotskyism
Green Party (environmental socialism)
Humane Party (animal rights)
Independent American Party (paleoconservatism)
Justice Party (social democracy)
Legal Marijuana Now Party (marijuana legalization)
Libertarian Party (libertarianism)
Modern Whig Party (centrism)
National Socialist Movement (neo-Nazi socialist)
Natural Law Party (peace through meditation)
New Black Panther Party (black nationalism)
Objectivist Party (objectivism)
Party for Socialism and Liberation (communism)
Peace and Freedom Party (democratic socialism)
Prohibition Party (temperance)
Reform Party (electoral reform)
Socialist Action (Trotskyism)
Socialist Alternative (Trotskyism)
Socialist Equality Party (Trotskyism)
Socialist Party (socialism, anti-capitalist)
Traditionalist Worker Party (neo-Nazism)
U.S. Marijuana Party (marijuana legalization)
U.S. Pacifist Party (pacifism)
Unity Party of America (centrism)
Veterans Party of America (centrism)
Workers World Party (Communism)

If any of the above parties (and many more not listed) were invited by a resident to use your common areas to speak and raise money (free of charge and without insurance), they probably could.

RECOMMENDATION: Boards should talk to legal counsel about how best to handle this situation should it be raised in their association.

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