Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & the HOA

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations & the HOA

The following is advice for HOA homeowners and communities regarding Electrical Charging Stations within the HOA from the Davis-Stirling.com Newsletter by ADAMS | STIRLING PLC.

QUESTION: The Davis-Stirling Act requires homeowners to meet certain requirements when installing an electric vehicle charging station. Newer vehicles can now charge from a standard outlet without the need for a charging station. Does that mean we do not need to comply with Civil Code §4745?

ANSWER: Compliance issues depend on how the electricity is supplied and paid for. If you plug into a common area outlet, that means your neighbors are paying to charge your vehicle. I don’t know any associations that would agree to that.

You can avoid installing an EV charging station if you work out a payment plan with the association based on estimated electrical usage. Otherwise you will need to install a metered outlet or charging station. If you install a charging station, you will need to comply with Davis-Stirling requirements:

  •  Comply with the association’s architectural standards.
  •  Use a licensed contractor to install the station.
  •  Within 14 days, provide a certificate of insurance.
  •  Pay for electricity usage associated with the station.

See full explanation of the requirements.

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