Do All Committee Meeting Have To Be Open?

Do All Committee Meeting Have To Be Open?

So your committee meeting is not going to be doing any business and you’re wondering if it still needs to be an open session?  Below is an article from the Newsletter by ADAMS | STIRLING PLC regarding whether your committee meeting is required to be opened or not.

Directors at Committee Meetings: Does the meeting have to be open?

QUESTION: Our board consists of five directors. Four or more of our directors regularly attend most all committee meetings. They say they are not doing any business and that avoids the open meeting requirement. Does it?

ANSWER: Not really. The Davis-Stirling Act is much broader in its definition of board meetings than one might imagine.

Meeting Defined. Board meetings are defined as a gathering of a majority of directors at the same time and place to “hear, discuss, or deliberate upon any item of business that is within the authority of the board.” (Civ. Code §4090.)

Committee/Board Business. Normally, matters being discussed at committee meetings result in a recommendation to the board for action. That means a majority of directors attending a committee meeting will likely hear and discuss items of business that will be presented to the board, thereby transforming the committee meeting into a board meeting.

Exception. An example where this would not apply is a welcoming committee that does not make recommendations to the board but, rather, meets to coordinate the welcoming of new members into the community and scheduling times to meet them.

RECOMMENDATION: To avoid violating the statute, your board has two options: (i) post a notice and agenda for all committee meetings so members can attend or (ii) limit attendance by directors to less than a quorum.



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