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Virtual Meeting Choices and Problems

VIDEO PROBLEMS: Lately there have been articles on security issues with Zoom. Boards should research this company before using them. Perhaps a conventional conferencing service that many businesses use such as would be a better choice. -Steve J.

ANSWER: Video conference platforms have been swamped as everyone in the country is suddenly using them to stay in touch with employees, family members, church members, etc. Our law firm is conducting our internal meetings entirely by video conference with over 30 attorneys and staff separately joining our meetings. With most of the country in lockdown, the internet is on overload but, fortunately, is still functioning.

Comparison of Services. Out of necessity, boards of directors are now conducting their meetings by teleconference and video conference. Zoom Video is popular but not necessarily the best fit for everyone.

To help boards choose a service, our Chief Technology Officer, Erica Greathouse, compiled the following reviews:

PC Magazine:The Best Video Conferencing Software for 2020

TechRadar:Best video conferencing software 2020: paid and free solutions for business

zdNet: Best video conferencing software for business: Microsoft Teams plus eight more Zoom alternatives

GetApp: Top Online Meetings Software

ZOOM AUDIO: The person who was concerned that some people may not have internet access and wouldn’t be able to participate in a video conference can call into the conference using a phone number provided by Zoom. This allows people without internet to participate. Even with no internet access, most people have a phone. -Churchill M.

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