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Does the HOA have to have a safe place for children to play?

QUESTION: Our children have no where to play! Seven months of lock down, our pool is closed due to the virus, they can’t play in the park, and now no school. Is their a law that condominiums must have a safe place for children to play? -Betty Y.

RESPONSE: No, there is no law requiring condominiums provide a place for children to play. You can’t blame your board for keeping your pool closed. The Governor has everyone in a straight jacket with requirements that most associations cannot meet.

Board members are just as frustrated as parents. Instead of allowing counties and cities to regulate themselves, the Governor decided that one size fits all. As a result, families like yours are suffering. His decision to keep businesses and schools closed is also affecting association budgets by forcing people out of work so they can’t pay their assessments. Let’s hope this ends soon.

RECOMMENDATION: Email the Governor and your legislators and let them know how frustrated you are. Tell them you intend to vote in November. I don’t know if it will do any good but it couldn’t hurt.

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