Are HOA owners allowed common area keys?

Are HOA owners allowed
common area keys?

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Are homeowners allowed common area keys to items such as utility closets, roofs, etc.?

QUESTION: A homeowner (who spends her nights on your website) told us utility rooms are common areas so she believes she has the right to a key to the electrical room. Can we refuse her request?

RESPONSE: I am flattered she spends her nights on my website–it’s a clear sign of intelligence.

Although owners have an undivided ownership interest in the common areas, it does not give them unfettered access to them. Associations are created to manage the common areas. Members elect a board of directors to handle that duty. That means boards can restrict access to utility closets, roofs, elevator equipment rooms, etc. Most do so for safety and security reasons. Boards can also regulate the time and manner for member access to pools, clubhouses, tennis courts and other association amenities.

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