Are we allowed to put a SOLAR COVER on a community pool?

Are we allowed to put a SOLAR COVER on a community pool?

Below is a helpful tip from the Newsletter by ADAMS | STIRLING PLC regarding solar pool covers in HOA communities.

I love your newsletter. A former board member said we are not allowed to put a solar cover on our community pool. Is this true? ‑ Robin B.

Answer: No, I don’t believe it’s true. There are significant benefits to covering pools at night and during winter months. Covers reduce heat loss by up to 90%, save water by reducing evaporation, and keep pools cleaner. There are three different kinds of pool covers: tracked, anchored and floating. Floating covers cause the most concern. Since they are designed to float on the water, they can collapse under the weight of a child, allowing the child to become trapped under the cover and drown.

RECOMMENDATION: Before installing a pool cover, boards should contact their association’s insurance broker to make sure there aren’t any policy exclusions related to pool covers. If there are no exclusions, contact the appropriate regulatory agency (usually the County Health Department) to find out what kind of pool covers are allowed. Always select the safest cover for your association.

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