Operational Hi-Lites – Why you should hire us

Why you should Hire Us . . .


  1. Honesty, integrity, courtesy
  2. Phones are always answered by a live receptionist
  3. Large office staff – there is always someone to speak with
  4. 24 hour/7 days a week emergency answering service
  5. Trained, experienced account Managers and office personnel
  6. Back up Managers always present


  1. Systems to prevent double payment to vendors
  2. More than twice a month payables – we keep your vendors happy by paying them promptly
  3. Clean, accurate books and records to help minimize your yearly audit cost
  4. Detailed itemization on statements and reports, including descriptions of each check
  5. Separate books and bank accounts for each Association – no commingling of HOA* funds
  6. Experienced, well staffed bookkeeping department, rapid response, double checks built into system, books balanced and reconciliations made every month
  7. Comprehensive financial system – maximum accuracy, timelines of books and reports – red flag reports when applicable

*HOA: Homeowner Association


  1. Set up blast no-reply emails to owners
  2. Active billing system – follow up system for delinquent assessments (notice, liens, etc.) – low accounts receivable – over 50% of CAC managed HOA’s have zero or one delinquency
  3. Distribute data to all homeowners as required by State Law
  4. Personalized service – management program tailored to your Association’s desires
  5. Personalized online portal service – Get your communities important information online and easily accessible.  See Example Now

*HOA’s: Homeowner Association Dues


  1. Email for Board use convenience & Voice mail
  2. Consistent & frequent communication with Board, followed by prompt results
  3. CAC removes burdens from Board Members and interfaces directly with homeowners
  4. Record notice with county to protect against unpaid assessments on resales
  5. Excellent record of lowering costs of Association’s insurance
  6. CC&R consulting – legal coordination
  7. Secure filing of monthly Board meeting minutes


  1. Meet with vendors for bids during scheduled inspection
  2. CAC-site inspections – thorough & comprehensive with prompt follow-up
  3. Competitive bids – maximum value to your Association
  4. Pro active management – recommendations made for improvements, cost savings preventative maintenance and reporting