Regulating Bicycles on Balconies

Regulating Bicycles on Balconies

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QUESTION: Can an HOA prohibit keeping your bicycle on your own balcony?

ANSWER: It is common for associations to regulate what can be kept on balconies, including bicycles.

Nuisance: Without rules, people would hang laundry over balcony railings and store refrigerators, weight lifting equipment, boxes, etc. on their balconies. Some put chicken wire around the balcony to turn it into an aviary. Others turn their balconies into mini-rain forests with hundreds of hanging and potted plants. They aggravate neighbors and damage balconies.

Reasonable Rules: The key to rulemaking is making them reasonable. Some associations allow bicycles on balconies while others do not. As a rule, bicycles should be encouraged. Your association must decide how best to handle where to store them. To accommodate bicyclists, some associations provide secure storage, such as chain-link enclosures in the parking structure.

RECOMMENDATION: Talk to your board about forming a committee of homeowners to study the issue and recommend a solution.

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